Heritage Marble & Tile Inc.
P.O Box 2164 
Mill Valley  
CA  94942
C.S.L.B 737416 


Heritage Marble & Tile Inc. was founded by Martin Brookes in 1997. Martin attended Chesterfield College of Technology in the United Kingdom where he studied masonry construction and management. He has over 40 years of experience in the tile industry. Martin is an active member in the tile community. He has a strong commitment to the dissemination of best practices in the tile industry, and is an active member of several industry committees including the American National Standards Institute A108 Committee, National Tile Contractors Association Technical Committee and the Standards and Methods Committee. Currently, Martin serves as a Executive Board Member of the National Tile Contractors Assocation, and is currently the Vice President.  
Martin values education and ensures that his empolyees are trained to the highest industry standards. He provides training on new products and requires that his employees obtain advanced certifications through the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation. Heritage Marble & Tile Inc. is one of only a few companies in the San Francisco Bay Area that meet this certification, and is also a Five Star Certified company. It is an exceptional company and will give you a tile installation product that will last a lifetime.